What is this management? First of all, this is a definite impact of the company or staff as a complete system, which serves to achieve specific goals and a solution to the tasks, assigned to optimize and modify the whole system.

Where does 100M begin?

Corporate diagnostics. Provide managers and owners an objective view of the current state of the company or its individual divisions, based on the analysis of business processes, strategy, structure and finance.

After examining all aspects of the company’s activities, we will recommend and implement:

  • A modern decision-making system;
  • Control system with clear and measurable indicators;
  • Information management methodology;
  • Rules of reaction in crisis situations;
  •  Optimal ways of dividing labor between staff and functional departments;
  • Pre-investment analysis on the realization of an internal project or buying or merging with another company.

Needing us arises in case of predictable changes in company performance, deterioration in results or uncertainties in the prospects for operation. It is never too late to take advantage of our competent services.