Marketing is one of the most important elements for building a successful and competitive business. This is a sufficiently voluminous concept that includes not only elements relating to direct sales but also the overall business processes in the company, its mission and development strategy.

Marketing is a huge amount of work on positioning of the businesses in the minds of current and future users of its products and services.

How does the 100M’s team succeed in the projects implemented till now?

  • Marketing researches;
  • Positioning and overall vision;
  • Strategy and plan;
  • Assessment and profiling of the consumer groups;
  • Marketing and sales symbiosis;
  • Implementation of a new toolkit;
  • Merchandising / Standards, Evaluation, Implementation /;
  • Internet Marketing.

Whatever we write about our work, it pales in front of that GLOBALTEAM Marketing Consultants Inc. has chosen us for a partner in Bulgaria. The trust of Gregory A. Sand, the best specialist in merchandising, is flattering and obligating about the results of our work.