Logically, sales are divided into two areas: sales management and sales department’s organization. Both are interesting and important enough, but companies often try to solve their problems not systematically and not consistently. All these mistakes lead to results contrary to the expectations of the owners and senior management.

At his work, 100M most often finds the following mistakes in the organization and managing of the sales:

  • Insufficient consideration of the goals and tasks of the sales department;
  • Poorly planned or formulated plan indicators;
  • Poorly sophisticated sales process;
  • Lack of detailed customer segmentation and strategy for working with its individual groups;
  • Not well-established feedback between traders, middle and senior management staff;
  • Imperfect motivation program with not transparent or complicated for understanding indicators.

In the proces of work, the 100M’s consultants work in stages, but also in complex in both directions. For some of our clients, we have not only done analyzes and prescriptions, but we have even assumed the overall sales department management for one year, leaving behind an efficient, trained and motivated team. The result of our activity in both directions includes:

  • Clear plans incuding precise and measurable indicators, necessary to measure the effectiveness of the work of the sales department;
  • Implemented a detailed and effective sales process;
  • Motivation system effectively engaging employees in the department in a result oriented plan;
  • Functional and optimal structure of the sales department, based on client potential, with clear vertical tasks and noise-canceled feedback channels;
  • Resulting reporting system with clear chronological and formal requirements;
  • Optimal model of the relations within the department with the necessary roles and competencies of the collaborators;
  • Trained sales team and recommendations for follow-up training of each of the structural units.

What makes 100M different from our competitors is that we will not only find the problems and give prescriptions for their removal … We’ll just do it with you.