The modern market is oversaturated with suggestions for training. You need to choose the right training? The one who will actually solve your specific problem. Let’s choose it together.

We in 100M do not accept standard training orders from our rich portfolio. Our mandatory condition is to work with the team to identify its priority needs and to write specific training for you with examples and case studies from your employees’ daily routines.

If you just want some kind of training, we are not your consultant. We insist our clients to get the best for the funds they invest and for that we are not prone to any compromise in this regard.

The list below is just what we have done so far, your training can be a combination of two or more topics or just a detail of a specific topic.

What we guarantee, is that you get exactly what you need, prepared specifically for your problems and fulfilled in the best way to see the result.

Here are the trainings realized from 100M till the moment:

Thematic block MANAGEMENT

  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Sales management
  • Management of supervisors
  • Effective Supervisor Work
  • Staff Management
  • Service division management
  • Delegation of authority
  • Effective solutions
  • Leadership in Management
  • Managerial communications
  • Types and methods of control
  • Effective management styles
  • Solving conflicts
  • Motivation of the staff
  • Time management
  • Effective meetings
  • Situational leadership

Thematic block SALES / PURCHASES

Very good results are achieved in joint training of employees in the sales department and purchasing. Extract the best of the knowledge, experience and corporate culture to create new opportunities for action and reaction.

  • Basic Sales Skills
  • Working with objections
  • Strategic Sales to Key Clients
  • Telemarketing – telephone sales
  • Merchandising
  • Sales of corporate customers
  • Sales to retail customers
  • Effective sales in a commercial hall
  • Handling complaints and resolving conflicts
  • Effective sales of technically sophisticated products
  • Passing obstacles and reaching the key individuals in the organization
  • Negotiations with a group of participants
  • Manipulation as a method
  • Not verbal communication methods
  • Presentations and sales
  • Negotiations and negotiation process
  • Knight tournament between sales and purchases.

In addition to your trained staff, they will return to their workplaces, united and motivated to work.

You already call us on the phone. We are always happy to work for managers who know what they want and want it right away. So you are our client.